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No one teaches us how to be teenagers. Its as if from one day to the next, we find ourselves straddling the fine line between being a child – and becoming an adult.  As we move between these life phases, we’re just expected to be able to balance school – developing identities – changing friendships & growing bodies.


GirlCollective is a space for youth to learn about their bodies,

practice letting go of anxious or critical voices in their heads,

and empower them to be themselves, in this challenge time.

It’s a space to be messy, confused and ask questions.


Now more than ever there is also a need for non-digital spaces for youth to be themselves, in community with others.

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Do you know the feeling... 

Your parents no longer understand you & seem to have no idea what it means to be a teenager today?


It feels like your childhood friends just ‘don’t get you’ anymore?


You suddenly have begun second guessing yourself all the time?


You find that its hard to be creative now, without a critical voice inside telling you its ‘not good enough’?


You suddenly feel a sense of fear or anxiousness in new situations that wasn’t there before?


You often don’t really know what you want and end up just following the crowd?


You don’t like certain parts of your body?


You feel annoyed (or even in pain) each month when your menstruation comes, and you wonder what the point of it all is?

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With GirlCollective
you can...

Begin understanding the natural changes that occur in all of life's relationships and how to communicate your own needs from a space of love rather than anger or separation.

Gain awareness of new ways to understand and experience your body and experience body positive self-love.


Become aware of the source of your critical voices within and learn tactics to quiet them,

Learn to see patterns in your anxious reactions and strategies to avoid letting those reactions take over.


Come in contact with your own intuition & authentic voice.


GirlCollective offers different types of workshops, each based on its core foundations:


Creativity - Body Awareness- Community

All youth over 13 years old

are welcome to participate

in a GirlCollective event.

We welcome all gender identities.

You just need to have an interest in

finding out a little more about who you are and

want to learn simple tools to make life easier,

GirlCollective is based in Copenhagen

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 Weekly Groups

We meet once a week in a safe space to be silly & have fun, while also sharing questions about our bodies, sexuality, and relationships to ourselves and others. 

2 Circle groups in Copenhagen are starting in September in Danish. 

See here to register & learn more

Contact me if you're interested in being part of an English speaking Circle 

thematic Workshops

Through the course of one or more sessions, the group will be introduced to themes related to body awareness, relationships, and identity.

Contact me if you're interested in a collaboration with your institution and see more here

Mother  Daughter Workshop


Practice Active Listening 


Gain new insights into the menstrual cycle and how it influences us throughout life's phases and its impact on our mother / daughter relationships

My Youth workshop

Create your own teenage years. 

Find out what is important for you, beyond society's norms and others expectations. 

Over the course of four sessions

you'll learn concrete tools to find out what is important for you -

so you more easily can make the big & small decisions in life. 

Session 1 is in September. Register and learn more here. 

About Emily

I am a 44 year old Danish -American, who has lived in Denmark for 20 years. 


I am the mother of two girls and a skilled teacher and workshop developer passionate about yoga.


But my life story has also included a time when I was a teenager who battled with depression, anxiety, body dissatisfaction and a general struggle to find my place as a young woman.

After 11 years as a supervisor at DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia and an external lecturer in Gender & Sexuality studies, I now dream of creating opportunities for our youth to learn simple tools to navigate the challenges of being a young adult today, to make the bumps in life a bit less rough.

Contact me if you're interested in hearing more about GirlCollective for yourself, your child, or your institution. 


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